Deluxe Gift Box


Enchant that special someone with this luxurious wellness package by Little Box of Crystals.  Each gorgeous  is carefully packaged and wrapped with a ribbon with special care,  allowing you to present your recipient with this wonderful gift.



  • Your choice of Little Box of Crystals Bouquet
  • Select either a personalised candle or smudge kit
  • Ferrero Rocher presented in a beautiful gift box.
  • Free postage Australia and Discounted Postage New Zealand


Moroccan Sugar Quartz Geode Uncracked ($9.95)

Place this beautiful geode around your home.  You can crack it to reveal the sparkly quartz druzys on the inside.  Once cracked the pieces can be used for jewellery or pocket stones.

A druzy can bring light and joy into any environment.  The energy of a cluster can enhance the energy of other healing crystals and stones.  They also calm and soothe the mind, helping to relieve stress and infusing you with positive energy.  Place this peace around the home or office to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful energy.  Quartz geodes make beautiful decorative pieces in any place.

Weight: 100 – 250g approx.
Size: 3 – 6cm approx.
Colour: Natural
Origin: Morocco

Pyrite Cluster ($8.95)

Raw Pyrite clusters are believed to invite in abundance.  Its similarity to gold gave it its nickname, fools gold, and made it a symbol for money and good luck.  The gold pyrite meaning is to help you make thoughtful financial or business decisions by guiding you in the right direction, while also providing you with the motivation in order to do so.  Another pyrite meaning is to help you overcome any fears that may be blocking you from achieving success.


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