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Black Obsidian

Geology and History

Obsidian is an igneous rock that forms when molten rock material cools so rapidly that atoms are unable to arrange themselves into a crystalline structure. The result is a volcanic glass with a smooth uniform texture that breaks with a conchoidal fracture. Basically volcanic glass.

As a glass, obsidian is chemically unstable. Rarely, obsidian has an iridescent or metallic sheen caused by light reflecting from minute inclusions of mineral crystals, rock debris or gas. These coloured specimens are known as rainbow obsidian, golden obsidian or silver obsidian, depending upon the colour of the sheen or iridescence. These specimens are very desirable.

The first archaeological evidence known of Obsidian usage was from within Kariandusi and other sites of the Acheulian age beginning 1.5 million years previously. Recovered specimens dated to 700,000 BC.

Metaphysical Properties

A stone without boundaries or limitations. Obsidian works fast and with immense power it teaches us to embrace the darkness for here is where the truth lies. When the lotus flower embraces to depths of the murky waters it learns how to blossom as a beautiful flower into the light. Nothing can hide from this stone it exorcises fears and blockages, releasing what is hiding in the shadows.

A very grounding stone, with great healing ability that purges traumatic emotions and is excellent for past life journeying. Obsidian is also an excellent manifestation stone and shows what is needed to heal a situation. All that ever was, is and could be is found within, including the truth of self.

A stone of transformation & enlightenment containing the gifts of prophecy. Obsidian is extremely protective, forming a shield it blocks psychic attack and absorbs then dissipates negative energies. Provides great support to face daemons either internally or externally and releases the need for courage as the illusion of fear drifts away. Obsidian acts as a mirror to the soul & it impels us to grow.

This stone cuts the cords that bind us and transfers the ancient knowledge of our ancestral blood lines. Obsidian transports the soul to higher dimensions where learning, understanding and creation take place.

Obsidian resonates with all chakras and holds an open connection to the star chakra and Earth anchor. Can be used to channel the forces of nature and imparts compassionate ancient wisdom when doing so.  All dimensions can be accessed and spiritual evolution becomes inevitable when Obsidian is embraced.

Crystal Healing

Enhances eyes, nerve and digestive function.  Detoxifies and assists with hormonal imbalances.  Good for arthritis, joint problems, circulation issues, cramps and injuries.

Specimen Image

Quick Overview

Formula:70 – 75% SiO2, plus MgO, Fe3O4
Stone Qualities:Grounding, protection
Hardness:5.0 – 5.5
Chakra:Root (1st)
Origin:Mexico, USA

Crystal Included In

  • Gratitude Affirmation Box