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Red Jasper

Geology and History

A cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz.  The name Jasper is derived from Greek and means spotted stone.  Red Jasper is usually considered a Chalcedony.  Sometimes however scientists put it in a group by itself within the Quartz family because of its grainy structure.

The finely grained dense Red Jasper contains up to 20 percent foreign materials, which determine its colour, streak and appearance.  Uniformly coloured Jasper is rare, usually it is multicoloured, striped or flamed.  Sometimes Red Jasper forms alongside Agate or Opal.  There is also some with fossilised materials.

Metaphysical Properties

Known as the supreme nurturer Red Jasper supports during stress and unifies all aspects of life.  It harbours the tiny secrets of sacred geometry and stimulates a deep understanding of such.  The key to such mysteries is the flower of life.

Meditating with Red Jasper brings out this sacred geometric imagery and collaborates the thought pattern to represent that of a desired outcome.  If you wish to be abundant Red Jasper shows you how to feel this energy and draw it into the physical realm.  The same concept applies to all positive emotions.  It propels energy and is excellent for all manners of manifestation.

Red Jasper aligns and releases blockages from all chakras, particularly good for the Root Chakra.  It provides protection, absorbing negative energy and birthing positive aspirations.  Red Jasper aids cognitive function through imaginative quick thinking and transforms ideas into action.  It gives you determination and encourages honesty to yourself.

A facilitator of Shamanic journeys holding and anchoring the energy field into the physical world while you delve into the depth of unconscious existence.  Red Jasper has the ability to rescue the soul from the endless torture of the ego.  Excellent when used in dowsing and dream recall.  Red Jasper provides great support during long illness, hospitalisation, and pregnancy.  Red Jasper teaches us endless compassion and reassures us that all will work out in divine timing.

Crystal Healing

Supports circulation, digestive, sexual organs.  Balances mineral content in the body.

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Quick Overview

Pronunciation:red jas-per
Stone Qualities:Strength, vitality
Hardness:6.5 – 7.0
Chakra:Root (1st), Sacral (2nd)

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