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Geology and History

The name Aquamarine is derived from Latin, meaning aqua marina or water of the sea.  It is a green to blue or aqua variety of Beryl.  There is a deep blue variety from Madagascar known as Maxixe.  Aquamarine is photosensitive and can fade to white when exposed to sunlight or high heat treatment, however, low heat treatment (725 – 850 degrees) and Irradiation enhances and deepens the colour.  Unlike heat treating irradiating does not affect a permanent colour shift.

The colouring agent of Aquamarine is Iron (Fe) blue colours are attributed to Fe2+.  The darker blue of Maxixe Aquamarine occurs when Fe2+ and Fe3+ are present.  The discoloration of Maxixe by sunlight or heat is possibly due to the charge transfer between Fe3+ and Fe2+.  The dark blue Maxixe colour can be produced by irradiating green, pink or yellow beryl with high energy particles such as gamma rays, neutrons or even X-rays.

Metaphysical Properties

A stone of peace, tranquility and fluidity.  Both Angelic and Earthly it brings the Divine into the physical plane, allowing for enormous white light to enter the body.  Giving ease through periods of difficult transitions it brings calmness with serenity.  Aquamarine opens the heart with great compassion building inner strength while gently releasing old wounds and past hurts, creating space for the new to grow.

A universal connector and information conduit it assists with translating ancient and other world energies.  Aquamarine is excellent for healers and light workers as it retrieves past powers, lost abilities and activates the bodies light pillars.  Also providing a massive expansion of one’s own light within.

The path of enlightenment unfolds when Aquamarine is activated, it is a key to many doors in the spirit realm.  Highly protective of the light and allies of the light.  It harbours a light so powerful it is impervious to darkness and destruction.

Crystal Healing

An excellent all round healer, great for the heart, colds, hormonal dysfunctions, allergies and undiagnosable/auto immune issues.

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Quick Overview

Stone Qualities:Soothing, communication, courage
Hardness:7.5 – 8.0
Chakra:Throat (5th), Heart (4th)
Zodiac:Gemini, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries
Origin:Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa, USA

Crystal Included In Little Box of

  • Little Box of Friendship